Support your parents to kickstart maths learning at home

​​The Everyday Maths resource helps parents take advantage of numeracy learning opportunities in everyday activities.​

It can be easier for children to understand maths concepts and practical applications when they relate it to something real and see it as part of everyday life.

Targeted to your families and students in the early years up to Year 2, the Everyday Maths animations show how each day is a learning opportunity to establish and reinforce foundational numeracy skills.

Designed to support families to bring mathematics and numeracy into conversations in the home, the supermarket and the outdoors, parents can explore brand new ways to support the learning their child does at school and kindergarten.

Explore the Everyday maths Animations

In the outdoors

When walking, talking, looking and listening, families can explore and use mathematics every day. Introduce children to maths in the outdoors by counting steps, finding numbers and shapes and mapping your path.

Around the house

Parents can use a range of household objects to explore and discover numbers, measurement, patterns and shapes. Discover new ways of creating learning opportunities without leaving your home.

At the supermarket

Shopping is a regular activity that can help children explore mathematical ideas that are both simple and complex. Young learners can help to find items on the shopping list, look for interesting shapes or numbers, or talk about the size or weight of things.

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Targeted at students in Foundation through to Year 2

Supporting numeracy in the classroom

If you're interested in additional resources or ways to support students in their numeracy, explore the Birth to Level 10 Maths Curriculum Companion.

This resource is a learning and teaching resource that is aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).

For more information, see:​