Launch of Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration

Revised declaration acknowledges changes to education and employment in the 21st century

In December 2019, a historic gathering of education leaders from across the nation established Australia's educational goals and actions for the next decade.

The inaugural Declaration was made in 1989, and ensures all Australian Education Ministers commit to national education goals. It is refreshed around every ten years.

The Alice Springs (Mparntwe - pronounced as 'M-ban-tua') Education Declaration, launched by the Education Council on 12 December 2019, commits the Australian education system to promoting excellence and equity.

The agreement also recognises that all young Australians should have the opportunity to become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners, and active and informed members of the community.

Changes in the Mparntwe Declaration

The Mparntwe Declaration was developed following consultation with young people, educators, education and training providers, parents, business and industry from all around Australia.

Key changes in the Mparntwe Declaration include:

  • broadening the scope of the Declaration to include lifelong learning, including new attributes and skills for the 21st Century
  • recognising student diversity and stronger partnerships with parents, carers, families and communities
  • including greater focus on student voice and agency, and student wellbeing
  • enhancing recognition of the status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people
  • emphasising the importance of early learning, transitions and diverse pathways
  • updating curriculum and assessment guidance
  • expanding the description of qualitative measures to track progress against goals
  • a stronger emphasis on primary school education.

Impact of the Mparntwe Declaration

The Mparntwe Declaration is a cross-government commitment to build an education system that provides every student with the knowledge, capabilities and attributes that will see them thrive throughout their lives.

Through the Declaration, each government also renewed their commitment to celebrating and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, knowledge and histories. Reflecting that commitment is a focus on ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are supported to imagine, discover and unlock their potential.

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