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Supporting literacy in your school​

Resources and tools that support your classroom’s literacy goals​​​​​.​​​​

English as an Additional Language added to Foundation to Level 6 Literacy Teaching Toolkit

Two teachers share advice on using the toolkit to understand student learning needs

Literacy in the Mathematics curriculum

The Literacy Teaching Toolkit Levels 7-10 now includes literacy in the Victorian Curriculum F-10: Mathematics

Literacy in the English Curriculum

Toolkit provides teachers with quality literacy information and resources

Identify the support you need to teach EAL learners

The Department of Education and Training is conducting a survey of the professional learning needs of teachers of English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners

Review your students' literacy profile

Make the most of tools on the Insight Assessment Platform to map and plan for your students’ literacy development.

Top tips to create a reader-friendly home

Share some handy hints with parents to help create a love of reading in the home and launch into the Premiers' Reading Challenge.

Premiers' Reading Challenge's book review competition now open

This year, the Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) is running its first ever book review competition for secondary students.

Assess the reading and vocabulary of EAL students

A new reading and vocabulary assessment instrument for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students is now available to schools across Victoria.

Making sense of the teaching-learning cycle in reading and writing

The Literacy Teaching Toolkit supports you to connect reading and writing instruction with rich experiences across the curriculum.

Teaching students to read so they can read to learn

​New resources have been released from birth to level 6 as part of the Literacy Teaching Toolkit

Supporting practical literacy instruction

​​​​​​​Teachers can now access annotated reading and viewing work samples to support teachers and school leaders

Class resource: Literacy Learning Toolkit

The Toolkit is an online resource that supports teachers to implement the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).


Supporting STEM in your schools​​​​

Resources and tools that support your classroom's Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths goals​​.​​​

New content available in the Mathematics Curriculum Companion

Online content for Mathematics levels A-D is now available for teachers

New look Maths Curriculum Companion

Explore the new user-friendly Maths Curriculum Companion website for teachers

Expand their STEM learning with the CSIRO

The program forges partnerships with industry professionals so they can bring their real life experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into the classroom

Professional practice days: approaches of school leaders and teachers

You can gain ideas from seven schools that have shared their approach to professional practice days.

Assess numeracy development in the middle years

The Fractions and Decimals Online Interview (FDOI) is available on Insight, to support you to assess the mathematical understanding of students in the middle years.

Connect your students to Victoria’s STEM ecosystem

Connecting Victoria's STEM Ecosystem is an overview of teaching resources, unique education opportunities, mentoring and partnership programs, competitions and events, places to visit, university outreach programs and STEM focused schools.

Support your parents to kickstart maths learning at home

Targeted to your families and students in the early years up to Year 2, the Everyday Maths animations show how each day is a learning opportunity to establish and reinforce foundational numeracy skills.

Science lessons designed by teachers for teachers

Stile helps students learn more effectively by providing teachers with great lesson content and a flexible system to support their learning​

A practical approach to the Maths curriculum

All Victorian teachers now have access to a suite of quality online mathematics resources that connect content, teaching and learning ideas and contemporary online resources with Victorian Curriculum frameworks.

Compute less and solve more with Wolfram

​​Wolfram software has applications in the areas of computation, problem modelling and coding, and is freely available to all Victorian secondary schools.

Software and technology that maximises​ your classroom time​

Digital tools are made available across the entire curriculum to support teachers and their students to make the most of their learning​.​​​

New Arc website for teachers

Find virtual learning experiences for students and professional learning opportunities to support virtual teaching on the new Arc website

Virtual teaching experts provide their insights about what it means to teach virtually

A video series on the FUSE website provides examples and tips on getting the most out of virtual teaching and learning

ABC Partnership offers new teaching opportunities

Educational episodes are linked with learning activities to help teachers deliver lessons remotely

Useful resources for supporting the transition to remote learning

Find resources primary and secondary school teachers are using to support the transition to flexible and remote learning

Support for assessing the language skills of EAL students

The Reading and Vocabulary Assessment for English as an Additional Language (RVEAL) tool is an online resource for EAL teachers

Move more, sit less

Join the classroom revolution where you can improve student behaviour, academic outcomes, physical activity and health

Thousands of educational videos are only a click away

Teachers can use ClickView in the classroom to support learning and teaching across all curriculum areas

New online Amplify toolkit now available

Find the information you need to implement student voice, agency and leadership initiatives in a single, easy-to-access website

Harness the expertise of a learning specialist in your school

Three short videos were developed to showcase how schools in different settings are making the most of learning specialists in their schools

Expand your school’s subject offering virtually

Virtual learning allows all students to connect, collaborate, interact, learn and create

Explore Bunjil's Quest

Take part in a pilot for an interactive literacy app that uses language, concepts and content drawn from Victorian Aboriginal culture.

Listen up: insights from leadership experts

Explore the big questions in education and leadership today with the Bastow Educational Leadership podcast.

Connecting your teaching with ClickView

Incorporate ClickView’s suite of video resources into your High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) and access the latest shows.

My career portfolio rollout

Transforming career education in Victorian government schools to ensure students can meet the challenges of the changing world of work.

Immersing students in Minecraft's Mini Melbourne

Mini Melbourne is a Minecraft virtual city created by the Department of Education and Training and the Metro Tunnel Project as an education resource.

Programs, competitions and scholarships for student​s

Programs, competitions and scholarships students can explore as part of their education outside the classroom​.​​

Students invited to take on a medical face mask design challenge

Oberon High School's Seven Vinton explains how students can help slow the spread of coronavirus

Experiencing the democratic process in the classroom

Register now for the Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program, which will be held online in 2020

Changing student perceptions of homelessness through the Big Issue Classroom

A Victorian Government partnership with The Big Issue brings guest speakers who have experienced homelessness online

Take part in the 2020 Virtual Author Sessions

An online opportunity for students to engage with Australian authors, build literacy skills and enhance their love of reading

New Premiers' Reading Challenge application

Access book reviews, milestone rewards, reading resources and more through a new online application

Applications now open for Model United Nations

Register your VCE Languages students for language-specific Model United Nations

Learning Firsthand: Vietnam War Education

Give your students the chance to learn directly from those who have served our nation, and to experience their courage and dignity firsthand.

An opportunity for your students to actively experience Parliament

Planning for the Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program conventions is underway

Supporting high-ability students in the classroom

The new Student Excellence Program will support teachers in every government primary and secondary school to stretch their high-ability students to reach their full potential

Be an upstander against racist bullying

New Bully Stoppers resources are available to support schools to identify, prevent and respond to racist bullying, and to encourage your students to stand up for diversity.

Foster and fuel student curiosity

Teachers are invited to utilise The Conversation's Curious Kids questions and answers as a resource to spark and support student curiosity.

Career and further education support for your students

​Free TAFE courses will offer thousands of Victorian students the chance to continue their education and jump start their career