Resources to support your classroom

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​​For more teaching resources, see: Teaching and the curriculum​​


Supporting literacy in your school​

Resources and tools that support your classroom’s literacy goals​​​​​.​​​​

Register for the Premiers' Reading Challenge and reach new heights

The 2019 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) is a chance to encourage your students to read more and ready widely. Register your school today

Get involved in the Young Australian Best Book Awards

Take advantage of nine virtual author and illustrator visits part of YABBA's year-long interactive 'read and vote' adventure to find Australia's top books.

Assess the reading and vocabulary of EAL students

A new reading and vocabulary assessment instrument for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students is now available to schools across Victoria.

Making sense of the teaching-learning cycle in reading and writing

The Literacy Teaching Toolkit supports you to connect reading and writing instruction with rich experiences across the curriculum.

Teaching students to read so they can read to learn

​New resources have been released from birth to level 6 as part of the Literacy Teaching Toolkit

Supporting parents to continue education at home

​​​​​A new literacy and numeracy resource ​for parents of children aged 0-12 can help to keep learning moving forward at home.​

Literacy teaching toolkit: Shared writing

A strategy for teachers and students to collaborate and explore the writing of complex texts

Phonological awareness explained

Phonological awareness is a crucial skill to develop in children. It is strongly linked to early reading and spelling success through its association with phonics. It is a focus of literacy teaching incorporating:

Literacy Teaching Toolkit: Focus on reading and viewing

The Literacy Teaching Toolkit is expanding to help​ provide further support and tools for teachers to use in the classroom. Among the additional resources now available is the final instalment of reading and viewing.

Supporting practical literacy instruction

​​​​​​​Teachers can now access annotated reading and viewing work samples to support teachers and school leaders

Class resource: Literacy Learning Toolkit

The Toolkit is an online resource that supports teachers to implement the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).


Supporting STEM in your schools​​​​

Resources and tools that support your classroom's Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths goals​​.​​​

Software and technology that maximises​ your classroom time​

Digital tools are made available across the entire curriculum to support teachers and their students to make the most of their learning​.​​​

Online, interactive classroom adventures at your fingertips

Explore learning opportunities for both teachers and students in the virtual learning event space.​

Tailor Clickview's curriculum mapped resources to your 2019 teaching plan

​​With ClickView now available to secondary and P-12 schools, upskill through a teacher academy to make the most of this resource this year.

Get involved in languages education with My Passport to Languages

​Teachers and students in the primary years can use the passport to celebrate students' language learning, get parents involved, and record their learning achievements

Understand Foundation students before they begin in 2019

A Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS) is completed by Victorian early childhood services towards the end of each school year, for children about to start primary school.

Create and innovate with digital tools for secondary schools

Secondary school teachers and students have access to a range of software titles through the Secondary School Software Suite.

Access interactive curriculum video resources through ClickView

ClickView provides teachers and students with access to thousands of videos to support learning and teaching and is available to Victorian secondary and P-12 schools.

Online packages of Australian stories now on FUSE

The Australian Children's Television Foundation's Peter Maggs explains how homegrown children's stories can kickstart classroom conversation and bring learning into familiar contexts.

Bringing the best children's television into your classroom

Victorian government school teachers and students now have access to some of the best Australian-made children’s television and curriculum resources in FUSE.

Using Minecraft to enhance collaborative learning

​Digital Learning Coach and Minecraft Global Mentor Stephen Elford explains how teachers can make the most out of this free learning tool​.

Exchange best practice on an international scale

​The Learning Exchange contains user-friendly resources for teachers, with videos and plain-language research.

Class resource: Dance for F-6

To support teachers to show how teaching and learning programs based on the Victorian Curriculum F–10, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has developed sample units for Foundation to Year 6.

Crafting creativity with Minecraft

The Education Edition has been specifically created to immerse students in various Minecraft world's to promote creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration between students.

Develop your skills with

​​​​All staff in government schools and students in secondary schools can learn skills in creativity, design, project management and technology, taught by experts via online video tutorials.

Class resource: MY:24

Mapped to the Victorian Curriculum – English - Media Arts, Personal and Social Capability, Levels 5-10; the hit documentary series MY:24 explores the stories of young Australians​.

Class resource: Little Lunch

Mapped to the Victorian Curriculum – English, Civics and Citizenship, Personal and Social Capability, Levels 3-6​; the Kid’s Emmy-nominated mockumentary series which navigates school yard politics, friendships and more.

Programs, competitions and scholarships for student​s

Programs, competitions and scholarships students can explore as part of their education outside the classroom​.​​

Share your story and celebrate cultural diversity

The Victorian Multicultural Commission is calling on all filmmakers to take part in this year's film festival that celebrates individual stories of cultural diversity​. Submissions will close at midnight on Sunday 14 April.

Be an upstander against racist bullying

New Bully Stoppers resources are available to support schools to identify, prevent and respond to racist bullying, and to encourage your students to stand up for diversity.

Hoodie up at your school for World Autism Acceptance Day

Host a Hoodie Up day at your school on Tuesday 2 April and raise money for Amaze, a peak body for people with autism.

Get active this national Ride2School Day

​​Register today to join more than 350,000 students across Australia who will ride, walk, scoot and skate to school on Friday 22 March.​

Bouncing back from online bullying

This virtual classroom for students can help support their ability to have a safe, fun and productive online experience. Register for 20 or 21 March.

Funding for rural students to broaden VCE subject choice

​The new VCE Collaboration Fund will support teachers to work across schools to offer rural and regional students greater subject choices in their final years of school.

Register your school to host a local parliamentary convention

The Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program helps students engage in the democratic process through a series of local and state parliamentary conventions.

Foster and fuel student curiosity

Teachers are invited to utilise The Conversation's Curious Kids questions and answers as a resource to spark and support student curiosity.

Career and further education support for your students

​Free TAFE courses will offer thousands of Victorian students the chance to continue their education and jump start their career