Sign up now to become a VCE Assessor

​​Victorian government school teachers are invited to submit applications to become a VCE assessor.

Assessors are paid for their time and are responsible for assessing external assessments in acco​​rdance with VCAA advice and procedures, bringing their years of experience to support student outcomes across the state.

Why become a VCE Assessor?

Assessors play an essential role in the delivery of the Victorian Certificate of Education. Dr David Howes, CEO of VCAA, emphasised the importance of external assessment as​ key to ensuring that all Victorian students receive f​air and accurate results.

‘VCE assessors play a fundamental role in maintaining the quality and integrity of these assessments’, he said.

Working as a Year 10 Coordinator and teacher in VCE Business Management, in Eltham North, Laura Babbage chose to apply to become an assessor because she wanted to understand the VCE process better and understand the rigor that the exams go through to ensure that fair and equitable marking takes place for all students.

‘I thought that it would be a great opportunity for my own professional development’, she said.

What benefits and insights can you gain from ​​being a VCE Assessor?

Working as an assessor is a rewarding and insightful professional development opportunity, giving Laura a new way to interact with colleagues and apply her teaching expertise to support student outcomes across the state.

 ‘In my own teaching practice, I now spend a lot more time on breaking down questions so that all parts of the question are addressed.

As well as supporting her teaching in the classroom, working as an assessor has given Laura the opportunity to network with other teachers in her field, both during assessment and the rest of the year.

‘I have had some great chief assessors, panel members and experienced assessors that have been really supportive to me as a new assessor. I have also kept in contact with many throughout the year that I call upon if I require support, advice, or would like them to look over a particular teaching resource.’ Laura would definitely encourage other teachers to apply.

‘Whenever I have had a pre-service teacher, or am mentoring a new teacher to a subject, I have strongly encouraged them to apply as soon as they are able as it both gives them access to great teaching opportunities and makes a contribution to the education community in Victoria.’

Dr Howes also encouraged teachers to consider applying.

‘Being a VCE assessor is a fantastic opportunity to further your own professional learning, develop a greater understanding of VCE assessment processes, build professional networks and contribute to maintaining the strong reputation of VCE assessment as fair and reliable.’

Where can I app​​​ly?

Applications to become a VCE Assessor are open now for a number of different roles and subject areas, with different submission dates for each. Applications are taken online by accessing the SSMS website, see VCAA – Sessional Staff ​Management System.

For further information about the possible roles, and deadlines for submission, contact the SSMS helpdesk at