Make the performance and development approach support your practice

​Workshops for teachers will help you take the lead in your performance and development and improve in areas that matter to you.

Aligned to the feedback and review stage of the performance and development cycle, these workshops focus on engagement with observation, student feedback and student voice to accelerate learning growth and improvements in student outcomes.

Supporting continuous improvement

Focused on strengthening professional knowledge and practice, participants will identify characteristics of effective teaching, develop professional practice through high-impact teaching strategies, reflect on effective collaboration and shared responsibility for high-quality teaching, and explore measurement opportunities to analyse student progression.

Through the workshops, participants are also offered an opportunity to build data literacy skills and enhance the implementation of their performance and development plan (PDP) and the sourcing of suitable evidence to demonstrate goal-achievement.

Workshop content is aligned to the Professional Standards, the AITSL Classroom Continuum of Practice, the FISO Continuum of Practice for Improving Student Outcomes and the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model.

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Workshops for staff in your school

Workshops to support the performance and development approach in schools are also available to principals, learning specialists, education support staff and reviewers of educations support staff.

For further information about workshops or to access a range of relevant information including quick reference guides on how to use the online PDP system, see: School Staff Performance and Development

Supporting FISO Priorities: Excellence in teaching and learning

Effective teaching is the single biggest determinant of student improvement in the school. Teachers not only have a direct impact on student achievement but also student engagement and motivation for learning. By helping teachers make the most of their performance and development plans, schools can enhance student outcomes.

For more information about this priority, see: Excellence in teaching and learning