New Inclusive Classrooms course

Support students with learning difficulties in numeracy through a new online course

A new online course to help teachers support students with learning difficulties in numeracy, including dyscalculia, is now available.

The course is the latest addition to the Inclusive Classrooms professional learning program for teachers.

The program is part of the Department's commitment to inclusive education professional learning for teachers.

Course details

The Supporting students with learning difficulties including dyscalculia course aims to help teachers better identify, assess, plan and implement teaching strategies to support students with learning difficulties in numeracy.

Developed by the Department and drawing on the latest learning difficulties and dyscalculia research and evidence, the course is made up of four interactive modules that draw on real classroom examples.

The modules are:

  • Introduction to learning difficulties in numeracy
  • Identifying the signs of numeracy learning difficulties
  • Assessing mathematical skills and knowledge using the curriculum
  • Supporting students with numeracy learning difficulties in the classroom.

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Registration details

This course runs for three hours and is free.

Teachers can register for this online course at any time and it can be completed independently at your own pace.

Participants who successfully complete the course can claim three hours' professional learning contributing to their relevant association registration requirements.

Blended learning courses available from mid-Term 3

As well as the new course, teachers can apply now to take part in the following blended courses starting in mid-Term 3, 2020:

  • Supporting students with autism
  • Supporting students with learning difficulties including dyslexia
  • Supporting students with oral language and learning
  • Supporting students with hearing loss
  • Supporting students with vision impairment
  • Supporting student behaviour (limited places available for pilot course).

The courses are free for Department staff, and participants who successfully complete a course can claim 20 hours professional learning contributing to their relevant association registration requirements.

Online learning available at any time

The Inclusive Classrooms program also includes the following fully online modules that teachers can access at any time and complete independently at their own pace:

  • Human rights approach to diversity and inclusion (30 minutes accredited professional learning).

Benefits of the inclusive classrooms program

An inclusive school environment is key to the success of students with diverse learning needs.

Inclusive education means that all members of every school community are valued and supported to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed within an inclusive school culture.

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