Study support available

​​​Teachers are honing their skills in inclusive education practices thanks to a new Inclusive Education Grants initiative. Applications for the next round open in mid-September.​

The initiative provides support for teachers who wish to undertake postgraduate study in inclusive education as well as access to grants for specialised equipment and assistive technology to support students with disabilities and additional learning needs.

The first group of teachers studying a Masters course in inclusive education or applied behaviour analysis were formally awarded their scholarships by the Secretary of the Department, Gill Callister in May 2018.

Inclusive education grants in action

Recipient Jessica Mason – a teacher at Gleneagles Secondary College in Endeavour Hills - has used her scholarship to get additional qualifications to better provide targeted literacy intervention to secondary students, explains how the scholarship has benefited her practice.

She has said that the additional qualifications has significantly enhanced her ability to include all students in her classroom and give her skills and tools to help her support her colleagues in their practice.

'Inclusive education means to me, that every student should be able to have a chance to have success no matter what they bring to the classroom,' said Jessica.

'Receiving the scholarship and going back to further study has been really influential in my practice already this year.

'Being a secondary trained teacher I was never taught how to teach reading at the early stages; and this has been something that I've been able to go back and learn now and apply it directly with the students I'm working with.

'I think the most direct impact has been with the team that works in our literacy intervention so I've been able to bring back research-based strategies that we talked about at uni and talked with the team further to support the students with our intervention.

'All teachers are reflective and all teachers want to support their kids the best way that they can and I think the scholarship absolutely allows you to do that.

'The opportunity to go back to postgraduate study, to enhance your knowledge, to see what the current research is and to use that with the kids that you work with.

'What we're all striving for is to be the best teachers we can and I think the scholarship and the further study allows you to do that.'​

​How do I apply?

Applications from teachers looking to advance their skills in inclusive education are welcomed. The next round will open in mid-September.

Applicants are advised to read the application guidelines and frequently asked questions prior to applying, see: Inclusive Education Grants: Guidelines – Scholarships (Semester 2, 2018)

Applications should be made online via the Smarty Grants system, see: Inclusive Education Grants – Scholarships – Semester 2, 2018

For any enquiries, please email:

Supporting FISO Priorities: Excellence in teaching and learning

The Inclusive Education Grants initiative helps teachers to engage in contemporary, high-quality professional learning to improve their effectiveness in the classroom and support students with disabilities and additional learning needs.

For more information about this FISO priority, see: Excellence in teaching and learning