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Discover how to create a personalised, future-ready change program for your school

Schools today are moving beyond traditional teaching methods, adopting new pedagogy to suit the changing times. But as leaders and educators, how can we meet and navigate the challenges of an unpredictable future? In a world increasingly driven by automation and artificial intelligence, how can we prepare young people for success?

Explore these questions and more with global thought leaders Valerie Hannon and David Price at a two-day workshop from 17–18 February 2020 at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.

Valerie and David will discuss the work underlying their respective recent books, Thrive: Schools reinvented for the real challenges we face and Open: How we'll work, live and learn in the future. They will frame their ideas within the context of your own school-specific challenges.

Create a plan for change

This workshop will provide a future focus to your pedagogy, and agency for your students. You will create a personalised change program based on a current challenge at your own school or organisation.

Register now and discover how to create a people-powered culture of learning and ingenuity at your school or organisation.

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Further opportunities to engage with Valerie Hannon

Australian Learning Lectures (ALL) is hosting Valerie Hannon in Melbourne in March 2020. Valerie will present The Future School talk and host a one-day masterclass.

The Future School series sits alongside Bastow's two-day workshop as a complementary offering. The series is open to all interested participants, including independent school staff and the general public.

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