Professional learning opportunities for teachers

​Explore professional learning opportunities, scholarships and online webinars and resources that can support your professional development.​​​

Grants and scholarship oppor​tunities​​

A list of grants and scholarships available for teachers to further their professional career.​​​​

Online oppor​tunities​​

A list of professional learning opportunities available online and on demand.​​

Improve numeracy outcomes in your school with Bastow’s Numeracy Suite

Register now to access the numeracy professional learning offerings at Bastow

Victorian Deaf Education Institute live webinars coming up in July

Join webinars hosted by experts in the field on engaging students who are deaf or hard of hearing

New webinar series to help support mental health and wellbeing for teachers

All teachers can now access free webinars to help manage mental health and wellbeing

Professional learning opportunities

The Teacher Professional Learning Catalogue for 2020 is now available

On-demand presentations

Explore the Victorian Deaf Education Institute's catalogue of on-demand presentations to support inclusive teaching practice

Recognition of Bastow Professional Learning

Find out which universities offer credits and professional credentials to graduates of some courses at Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

On-demand professional learning for Casual Relief Teachers

Explore dozens of webinars on teaching practice, inclusive education and more

Upskill your teaching practice

Online professional learning modules have been developed based on Dr Lyn Sharratt’s book CLARITY and her presentations to learning specialists in March

Enhance the effectiveness of your professional learning community (PLC)

Online modules explore evidence-based approaches for your PLC to maximise its effectiveness and support consistent improvement

Support students with challenging behaviour

The Behaviour Support professional learning suite has been developed by the University of Melbourne with the Department, to help teachers make the most of evidence-based resources and approaches for managing challenging classroom behaviours.

Easily enrol and record your professional learning activities

Use LearnED to engage in formal learning and capture professional development achievements and activities​

Free learning resources available for casual relief teachers

Professional learning programs and VIT registration support are available for all Victorian CRTs​

Inclusive education in practice

Build your expertise in inclusive education to learn practical skills and strategies for supporting students with disabilities and additional needs.​


​​​Term 1 op​​portunities​​

A list of professional learning opportunities running​ in Term 1.​​

​​​Term 2 opportunities​​

A list of professional learning opportunities running​ in Term 2.​​

​​​Term 3 opportunities​​

A list of professional learning opportunities running​ in Term 3.​