Coaching for Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support teachers

​Learn how coaching is helping teachers to work collaboratively and build expertise

Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) coaching is helping improvement teachers in Victoria support students and colleagues.

Improvement teachers are teachers within a school who are given time to directly support students at risk of leaving school without the literacy and numeracy skills they need. They also build the capacity of the other teachers to better meet their students' learning needs.

The coaching provided through the MYLNS Initiative's suite of professional learning opportunities offers improvement teachers one-on-one coaching from experienced experts, tailored to the particular needs and context of each particpant.

A teacher's perspective

Ruth Borger, an MYLNS Improvement Teacher at Rochester Secondary College, has received coaching through MYLNS.

Ruth said through her coaching, she focused on working collaboratively and improving her literacy expertise.

'I found it challenging in the best possible way. I was pushed to look at my role and my skills in a new light,' Ruth said.

Ruth now provides more targeted support to her students, thanks to the confidence she gained through MYLNS.

'I am now much better placed to help teachers and students to work together. Knowledge is key part of doing this job well; coaching is a great way to get there.'

How to get involved

MYLNS coaching is currently only available to current MYLNS improvement teachers.

Teachers interested in undertaking coaching should log into their MYLNS learning management system and click on the coaching link.

Find out more

For more information, refer to the MYLNS page on the intranet.

For further enquires, contact the MYLNS Implementation team: