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There will be a staged implementation of the VAPA as a requirement for principal appointment

Are you considering a career as a school principal? If so, the Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment (the VAPA) is an important step in your leadership journey.

The VAPA is a strengths-based assessment that recognises the teaching expertise and leadership potential within Victorian schools.

The VAPA evaluates readiness for the principal role against a framework aligned with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals (AITSL, 2014) and identifies professional learning needs for aspiring principals of both primary and secondary schools, including emotionally intelligent leadership competencies.

The VAPA is accessible, equitable and designed to meet the system's demand for high-quality, capable principals — regardless of school and personal context.

The assessment empowers you to:

  • evaluate your readiness for the principal role
  • identify targeted professional development needs
  • create an evidence base for professional recognition of past performance.

New requirements

From 2021, the VAPA will be implemented as a requirement for appointment as a principal through two stages.

  • Stage 1 — For principal roles advertised from 1 August 2021, aspiring principals will be required to have registered to undertake the VAPA before being appointed to a principal role.
  • Stage 2 — For principal roles advertised from 1 January 2022, aspiring principals must have completed the VAPA, and be provided with a statement of readiness, before being appointed to a principal role.

Substantive principals are not required to complete the VAPA. More information is available from the Policy and Advisory Library's Recruitment in Schools page.

A self-paced, expert-guided process

At each stage of the assessment process, participants are supported with expert guidance and feedback by trained VAPA assessors. VAPA assessors have been selected for their experience and expertise working in Victoria's school system.

The VAPA process is self-paced and available on demand. The assessment can be completed in a minimum of five weeks, or up to three months, depending on your needs. The time commitment is approximately 18 hours.

The mixed-method assessment process requires you to:

  • undertake a 360-degree feedback survey
  • create a portfolio of practice
  • take part in an interview.

Apply for the VAPA

Entry into the VAPA is through a selection process, which includes an online self-assessment and a sample of practice.

The VAPA is open to the principal class, teacher leaders and teachers, and is fully subsidised for each Victorian government school participant.

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