What it means to be a learning specialist

​Mary Jean Gallagher introduces resources to support you to make the most of your role and continually improve your practice.

As learning specialists, you have proven that you are highly skilled educators with the ability to support continuous improvement in teacher professional practice to lift our students' learning outcomes. To support you in your role, you will receive regular updates with evidence-based resources, approaches and professional development opportunities designed specifically for learning specialists.

Defining your role

Education expert, Mary Jean Gallagher explains how the role of learning specialist has arrived at a critical time in Victoria's education reform, allowing you to make the most of your experience in the classroom, and share that with teachers who are new to the profession or looking to further develop their practice.

'Seize this opportunity to actually put everything you can think of and everything you know and have gained from your experience in your learning on the table to help your colleagues do that as well,' said Mary Jean.

'It's a vote of confidence in your skills to lead improvement in your school, as part of a team.'

'You don't have to do it [change] alone, you do it with your principal and with the rest of the improvement team in the school.'

'Part of this is also being the lead learner in that group of teachers. You don't have to have all the answers, but you have to be committed to working with to help them find the answers in a precise and structured way.'​

Resources designed to support you achieve this vision

Supports and materials have been developed specifically for learning specialists to assist you to achieve excellence in your school community, improve teaching practice, and deliver stronger student outcomes.

Beginning with Bastow's professional learning, and including links to other resources, as well as sample performance and development goals to structure your professional learning, this is the first round of support that will assist you to learn to lead change within your school. You can work with your school leadership to establish teaching excellence across your school, and even your network.​

Explore learning specialist resources
Including professional development, learning tools and evidence-based approaches

Resources have been developed for learning specialists that will help you to explore your new role and hit the ground running.

If you have feedback, a story to share, or something you'd like to say to your peers within your learning specialist community, send an email with your ideas to professional.practice@edumail.vic.gov.au.​​