Professional learning tailored to your new role

​Bastow's learning specialist suite hands you the tools you need to excel in the role of supporting teachers to improve their practice.

The learning specialist suite is a professional learning course designed in conjunction with industry bodies, practising teachers and school leaders, who work in a variety of settings including primary, secondary and special schools to ensure that the contexts of all schools have been considered.

The course and its electives will help you to identify your current level of development and explore opportunities to expand your abilities even further.

What's included in the suite?

A needs analysis tool

The needs analysis tool is an online questionnaire that determines your current level of development in seven capability areas.

Core professional learning course

The core course has been designed especially for learning specialists, which will equip you with the knowledge and skills to motivate and enable your school community to commit to sustained, long-term organisational change that leads to improvement in teacher practice and student outcomes.

Elective courses for you to explore

Elective courses allow you to follow your needs and/or aspirations, gaining the skills you will need to lead other teachers to develop their practice in a number of areas, from data literacy to professional learning conversations.

Explore learning specialist resources
Including professional development, learning tools and evidence-based approaches