Supporting your role as a learning specialist

Evidence-based teaching approaches, resources and support for learning specialists. Explore these resources and define your role as a learning specialist in your school.​​​​​

Workshops are available to support your performance and development plan

Workshops are available for learning specialists to make the most of their role and plan their professional development.

Purposeful collaboration for excellence within and across a number of schools

As middle leaders, your ability to work effectively and collaboratively with teachers can further develop their skills and create improved outcomes for students.

Leading learning to build excellence in the classroom

Learning specialists are invited to take advantage of Bastow's tailored suite of professional learning.

Extend your skills as a learning specialist

Join education expert Lyn Sharratt and explore new opportunities to improve as a learning specialist. Available to those with substantive positions and on higher duties assignments.

Embedding the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model (VTLM)

Learning specialist Leonie Haggett discusses how Lyndale Greens Primary School has used the VTLM to improve student learning outcomes.​

The Victorian Teaching and Learning Model for excellence in teaching and learning

As a learning specialist, you can use this Model to improve teaching practice and effectively support every student's learning.

Practical peer observation resources and learning opportunities

Resources and professional learning have been developed to help learning specialists incorporate peer observation in your school.

Effective peer observation in action

Glenroy College’s Laura McCarthy reflects on her first year as a learning specialist and her focus on peer observation.

Begin 2019 with a clear plan for peer observation

Mary Jean Gallagher provides useful tips for learning specialists to take the lead in peer observation, and supporting teachers to develop their practice.

Professional learning tailored to your new role

​Bastow's learning specialist suite hands you the tools you need to excel in the role of supporting teachers to improve their practice.

Influencing change as a learning specialist

Learning Specialist, Peter Barbadonis explains why he was drawn to the role and describes his plans to support Canterbury Girls' Secondary College improve outcomes for teachers and students.

What it means to be a learning specialist

​Mary Jean Gallagher introduces resources to support you to make the most of your role and continually improve your practice.