Mentor training for experienced teachers

The Effective Mentoring Program gives teachers the opportunity to learn new skills and support beginning teachers

The Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) provides the opportunity for experienced teachers to develop their mentoring skills and provide the support required to induct and build the professional practice of beginning teachers.

This two-day program provides teachers with the mentoring skills to support graduate teachers through ongoing professional learning embedded in their day-to-day practice, and therefore build the capacity of Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRT).

The program is co-delivered by Cambridge Education on behalf of the Department and the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).

Course compo​nents

The Cambridge Education component focuses on the skills and knowledge fundamental to mentoring. These mentoring practices and skills are explored in the context of guiding and supporting a PRT, from provisional through to full VIT registration.

The VIT component focuses on building knowledge about the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in the context of an inquiry approach for PRTs to gather evidence to fulfil the requirements for full registration.

Course atten​​dance

To complete the program, participants must:

  • register for and attend day one and two of the program
  • complete the before and after-course online modules.

Mentor teachers who have previously completed the EMP may be eligible to complete a one-day refresher program.


The program is provided at no cost to participants.

How t​o apply

Registrations will commence in February 2018 through the Victorian Institute of Teaching.  There are various locations available throughout Victoria.

Registration instructions are available on the Victorian Institute of Teaching website at: Effective Mentoring Program

More information and r​​​esources

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For answers to frequently asked questions, see: Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions