The role of teachers in student success

​Some of the 274 students recognised in the Premiers' VCE Awards, speak of the dedicated teachers who supported them.​

The role and influence of great teachers in helping young minds to reach their potential was front and centre at the recent Premier's VCE Awards.

Students from government and non-government schools across Victoria were recognised for their outstanding VCE results by the Deputy Premier and Education Minister, James Merlino, who made point of the critical role of teachers in students' achieving such success.

The Minister's words were followed by a moving video featuring a number of award recipients expressing their gratitude to the teachers that impacted them the most.

More than 1,000 guests – including parents, school principals and teachers – enjoyed the Premier's VCE Awards held on May 15 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

To view the honour roll of this year's award recipients and videos played at the ceremony, see:  2018 Premiers' VCE Awards

Kira Todd, Study awards for English and Global Politics

Kira Todd – who received two Premier's VCE Study Awards for English and Global Politics – feels strongly about the invaluable role of a number of her teachers at Glen Waverley Secondary College. 

Kira has enrolled in Arts at the University of Melbourne and plans to major in Politics and International Studies. She attributes much of this decision to the impact of her Year 11 Global Politics teacher, Mr McFarlane. 

'His class was fascinating and I enjoyed it so much that I started considering international politics as a career pathway, which is what I ended up deciding on,' Kira said. 

Kira was equally inspired and encouraged by her Year 12 English and Global Politics teachers, Miss Mason and Ms Buruma.

'They were both incredibly dedicated and put a lot of effort into teaching. They would give up their time to help students out – more than that, they are both passionate about what they do and genuinely want students to succeed. Personally, I found that dedication really inspiring. It drove me to ​always push harder and to put in as much effort as possible into my work,' Kira said.

​Sheil Bhatia, Top All Round VCE Achiever Award

Melbourne High School student, Dheryasheil (Sheil) Bhatia, received a Top All Round VCE Achiever Award at the presentation ceremony. The award is given to students who achieve study scores of at least 46 in five or more of their VCE studies.

Sheil could not speak highly enough of his economics teacher, Mr Kaderle, describing him as an 'absolute legend'.

'Every student he taught he left an impact on. He was just incredible in every way,' said Sheil.

Now studying Commerce/Law at Monash University, Sheil said he is considering majoring in economics because of Mr Kaderle's inspirational teaching. 

In words he later penned to capture his thoughts, Sheil said: 'My love for economics stems from your teachings and I know it will lead me to amazing places in the future.'

Sheil's full tribute can be read below.​

Paying tribute to Melbourne High School economics teacher, Mark Ka​derle

Dear Mr Kaderle,  
You epitomise what it means to be a great teacher. You personify 110% and you exude excellence like no teacher has before. You may not know this, but you immediately and effortlessly garnered an immense amount of respect from all your students. When you talked, everyone listened and rightly so. It was the effort you put in that we just had to reciprocate,  
You inspired me to give everything my all and you showed me the product of such hard work. 
Of all the things you taught me, there's one principle I will never forget: Never settle for mediocrity, when you're destined for greatness. 
You were there every recess, every lunch time, to sit through and answer my endless questions with a smile on your face and it is because of your dedication that I am where I am today. My love for economics stems from your teachings and I know it will lead to me to amazing places in the future.  
For everything you've done for me, I just want to say 'thank you'! 
Yours Truly,  ​
Sheil Bhatia