Somerville Primary got talent

​​​​​Taking inspiration from the yearly student talent show, Graduate teacher Samantha Lord asked her colleagues and Principal Andrew Haley if they would perform a dance for the students. They delivered.​

Staff at Somerville Primary School in Melbourne's South East have taken their role in the student talent show to new heights, filming a surprise flash mob routine that has now been watched over two and a half million times by schools across the globe.

Graduate teacher Samantha Lord was one of the driving forces behind the performance, corralling all staff including Principal Andrew Haley into rehearsals and ensuring that everyone felt they were a part of this experience as a team.

'It started as such a simple idea to get up and do a few moves, and Samantha did such a great job at encouraging everyone to take part and get up there,' said Andrew.

'We just didn't expect this to go viral. We did this to show the kids that we have just as much fun as they do at these events and expected to give a smile to the parents and grandparents in the school community as well.'

'But as the views clicked over 50,000 in the first 24 hours, we were buzzing. And now it's over two and a half million.

'I only wish we'd practiced more, had we known it going to be this big.'

While the school hadn't planned on the response going global, Andrew is overwhelmed at the positive feedback he and his staff have received.

'Student voice and engagement is such a big part of what we do here at the school, and it's meant so much to have the parents behind us, and telling us how much they liked it and that it made them smile or bought a tear to their eyes.

'We did this for the students and for us, and the boost in morale that we've seen across the school community has been amazing.

Offering up the challenge to other schools, Somerville Primary School are hoping other school staff can get into the dancing spirit and share their own videos to show their school communities that teachers can have fun too.​​​