The arts in action at Aireys Inlet Primary School

​​Running from 20 to 26 May, Education Week is an opportunity to show parents and the community all the innovative activities that happen every day in your classroom.

For Aireys Inlet Primary School Principal Jennifer Abel and Specialist art teacher Karren Stoneham, the theme 'Celebrating the arts' has given them the opportunity to collaborate across the school and the community as well as promoting the successes of students in the arts and how it can help build their confidence and passion.

Involving local artists to bring in​ an expe​​rt perspective

'Art gives students the ability to innovate, to get creative and to learn who they are along their journey,' said Karren.

'You're allowed to make mistakes in art, whether you're performing or creating it teaches students a valuable skill in learning from their mistakes.

'Art enriches all students learning, it encourages students to reach their creative and imaginative potential.

'We've also got resident artists coming in, including Adam Stanley teaching students to experiment with different mediums particularly taking inspiration from the energy of waves and exploring how students can create fascinating wave rolls, incorporating reflected light and more in their art.

'We've also got Nathan Patterson, who uses a mixture of contemporary designs and teaches traditional techniques in dreamtime stories.

'It's important to approach these artists in your communities and see them and visualise whether or not their influence might be able to support their students.'

Developing students social and emotional skills

'In Education Week we're also going to be showcasing our work on Shoot for the moon.

'The message of this program is "even if you miss it you'll land among the stars", which encourages students to really aim for their goals and strive towards them, because even if they don't meet them they'll still be better ​off.

'So we're incorporating quite a lot in one week.'

Using the performing arts to​​ tea​​ch across the curriculum

'We've also got the Decent People coming along to help us launch our respectful relationships program, which is Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships and it's been designed for teachers in primary and secondary schools to help students' social, emotional and positive relationship skills.

'We've also got students singing the song 'This is me' from the Greatest Showman, and it's empowering students to be who they are and performing arts is a powerful medium to bring this message across.

Supporting Education W​eek in Victorian s​chools

Offering advice to other schools for future Education Weeks, Principal Jennifer Abel feels this event is a chance to open up the school to the whole community and really celebrate why education is important.

'Just have fun with Education Week,' said Jennifer.

'Look at the theme and see how it can be applied to your school because the theme gives schools a focus to highlight areas that may not necessarily be given the same focus.

'When you take themes like this year's and last year's, health and physical education and the arts aren't always promoted in the same way that reading or writing is.

'Through Education Week, schools are able to really platform the great work that's done in those areas and to bring that to the forefront of parents minds and that of the community.'

How has your school celebrated the Arts in Education Week

The Education Week theme 'Celebrating the arts' promotes the successes of students in the arts and can help build their confidence and passion.

There are still be some activities on offer for schools to take part in, see: Calendar of Free Activities

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