Developing culturally inclusive education plans for Koorie students

Ensure your Koorie students are supported with an individual education plan that brings together the student, their families, carers and community relationships.

Individual Education Plans (IEP), career action plans and transition plans are important tools to support developing and sustaining positive and empowering relationships integral to student learning and agency within the school community.

These plans facilitate structured conversations – centred on the student – that bring together families, carers, students and the school to develop meaningful, targeted learning goals and aspirations.

Individual education plans for Koorie students

Plans for Koorie students are developed at the outset of a school year in partnership with the student, family and carers. An IEP supports students by identifying key actions that promote continuity in learning. Plans support transitions between year levels, through identified learning content and can assist to lift student engagement by inviting student agency through participation in the planning process. Documentation of key learning goals, aspirations and actions to guide learning also provide planning guidance for teachers. 

A strength-based conversation

Through these plans, the road to achievement for each individual Koorie student can be identified.

It is important to ensure that all IEP meetings are student-centred and focus on the growth and aspirations of the whole child. Examples of Koorie student success at your school can create confidence in the relationships with Koorie families and carers.

The Koorie Education Workforce can facilitate constructive conversations between schools and families through these processes to improve Koorie student learning outcomes.

Considering your environment when discussing student plans

You can support a strength-based conversation by creating an inclusive space that displays a connection to Koorie culture, like artwork or cultural symbols. We encourage schools to think about the environment in which your meetings take place.

A supportive space is fostered when all participants can share and listen with respect and trust.

Reflect on your current practice

Schools can develop more culturally inclusive practices by looking closely at:

  • How many Koorie students attend our school and are in my class(es)?
  • How am I co-developing an IEP with each Koorie student I teach and their family, parents, carers?
  • In what ways am I supporting and empowering parents/carers and families of Koorie students to participate in the school community?

Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026

Marrung is Victoria's 10-year Aboriginal Education Plan, which explains the importance of all educational settings creating learning environments that are inclusive and respectful of Koorie culture.

Marrung highlights specific actions that will assist all educators to support the learning, aspirations and development of Koorie students.

The plan also demonstrates the Victorian Government's strong commitment to improving performance and success of Koorie learners and close the gap in Koorie education outcomes.

Koorie students can access:

Explore the latest professional practice note

A Professional Practice Note has been developed to support you and your colleagues to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders cultural inclusion practices in all Victorian government schools.

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