Teacher tip: Enhancing literacy learning with the Pedagogical Model

​​​The Pedagog​ical Model places student learning at the centre of planning and implementation.

​​The model supports teachers to design engaging and challenging learning experiences through planned integration of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.​

The Pedagogical Model explained

​​​The Pedagogical Model comprises five domains of high quality teaching instruction: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. Any or all of the domains can guide teaching and learning experiences across all areas of the Victorian Curriculum F–10.


  • Teachers know their students well and engage them in building supportive, inclusive and stimulating learning environments.
  • Teachers motivate and empower students to manage their own learning and develop agency.
  • Students feel valued and supported, and they actively participate in discussions.


  • Teachers present challenging tasks to support students in generating and investigating questions, gathering relevant information and developing ideas.
  • They help students expand their perspectives and preconceptions, understand learning tasks and prepare to navigate their own learning.
  • Students are confident asking questions and exploring ideas with the teacher and with each other.


  • Teachers explicitly teach relevant knowledge, concepts and skills in multiple ways to connect new and existing knowledge.
  • They monitor student progress in learning and provide structured opportunities for practicing new skills and developing agency.
  • Students understand the process required to complete the task.


  • Teachers challenge students to move from surface to deep learning, building student ability to transfer and generalise their learning.
  • They support students to be reflective, questioning and self-monitoring learners.
  • Students consolidate their learning and use feedback to self-monitor their progress.


  • Teachers use multiple forms of assessment and feedback to help students improve their learning and develop agency.
  • They monitor student progress and analyse data to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of their teaching practices, identify areas for improvement, and address student individual needs.
  • Students understand what they need to do to demonstrate their learning.

Enhancing literacy learning with the Pedagogical Model

When applied to literacy learning, the Pedagogical Model's five practice domains can help teachers to:

  • develop a common language across the school to facilitate deep conversations about pedagogical practice
  • map connections between what staff are already doing and what they need to do next in literacy teaching and learning
  • support Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to achieve better literacy learning outcomes for students.

Explore the model and resources for teachers

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