Your guide to numeracy from birth to Level 10

With the latest research and best practice teaching strategies, the Numeracy Guide is an essential resource for your classroom.

What is the Birth to Level 10 numeracy guide?

The Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide is designed to support teachers and families to build and strengthen children and young people's numeracy capabilities.

The guide is a key element of the Birth to Level 10 Mathematics Teaching Toolkit, which will be released later this year.

A deep dive into numeracy

The Numeracy Guide gives teachers a holistic understanding of numeracy, its relationship with mathematics, what numeracy progression looks like and effective teaching strategies for all learning areas, including mathematics.

Where best practice and the latest research become accessible

The guide is a roadmap for capacity building of individual practitioners as well as a whole school approaches to numeracy improvement.

The guide supports you to build your confidence in this essential area, to identify and demonstrate meaningful links to mathematics, embed numeracy across the curriculum and help students become numerate across a range of contexts.

You will also find an overview of contemporary evidence, research and practice in numeracy in an Australian context, complementing existing Department resources and key initiatives, aligning with Victorian Curriculum frameworks to support improved outcomes for all learners.

Linked directly to High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)

The HITS are evidence based instructional practices that improve teacher practice and increase student learning.

In the Numeracy Guide, these strategies are unpacked and illustrated with video exemplars that demonstrate how they can be implemented and adapted in early years' settings, as well as primary and secondary schools, all with a specific numeracy lens.

Exploring the proficiencies

Understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning are fundamental to learning mathematics and working mathematically.

The guide gives you the means to effectively integrate the four proficiencies into all aspects of teaching to build capacity and support planning for individual student learning needs and goals.

Start using the Numeracy Guide today

Explore the information and resources in the Numeracy Guide to strengthen your knowledge, understanding, confidence and capacity in mathematics and numeracy.

This is a starting point for you to have discussions with your colleagues about how these resources can enhance and enrich your teaching practice.

The Numeracy Guide is part of the Mathematics Teaching Toolkit which will be located on the Victorian Numeracy Portal