Making your mark in your graduate year

​​​Education expert Mary Jean Gallagher shares her top tips for graduates looking to do their best in their first years of teaching.​


Dr Mary Jean Gallagher, Canadian education expert and leader of the successful Ontario school system reform, is an adviser to the Department, working collaboratively with staff, school leaders and teachers to lift student outcomes. She visited Victoria in May.

‘I had a chance to visit a number of schools and it is so good to see the excitement. Teachers see that they can make a difference in their students’ education and accelerate their learning. And every inch of it is worth it,’ said Mary Jean.

In this video, Dr Gallagher gives her advice to graduate teachers commencing a rewarding profession in education with a list of top ten tips. Watch her explain how you can sustain your passion and enthusiasm for student growth day-to-day, and have a long-lasting, positive and robust career in teaching.​


​​To review a transcript of this video, see: Top 10 Tips Graduate Teachers - Transcript​​ (docx - 23.41kb)