Empowering students to learn from home

There’s a range of programs and support available to you if and when schools transition to learning from home.

As Victoria responds to the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s important you and your students are familiar with the tools you’ll be using to learn from home, and how you can best incorporate them into your daily teaching practice.

Information on how to access the Department of Education and Training tools for ‘Learning from Home’ are available for teachers and school leaders, and students and parents.

A number of webinars have been scheduled to support teachers to facilitate learning from home for Webex, ClickView, Stile, Microsoft and Google G Suite.

Learning from home

Learning from home resources are now available on the FUSE website. The Learning from Home FUSE page has been established to complement the extensive work schools are doing to prepare for a move to flexible and online learning.

These resources include sets of self-directed learning activities for students as well as activities parents can do with younger children. All activities are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

Teachers can provide these activities to students as word documents or printed workbooks. We encourage teachers to modify or adapt these resources to suit the needs of students.

FUSE also provides curated collections of our top online resources, including the new Mathematics Curriculum Companion, ClickView, Stile, ABC Education and Digital Technologies Hub. These collections contain quality interactive digital content, perfect for learning from home.

Teachers and students in Year 11 and 12 can access learning pathways in LinkedIn Learning for skills development using their eduPass credentials.

Minecraft: Education Edition can engage students in challenging and creative tasks using gamification. The Minecraft Education Edition remote learning tool kit includes more than 50 lessons and project-based learning activities for teachers.


Webex is the Department’s online communications platform. Teachers can use Webex for video conferencing and online meetings with their students and colleagues. Best of all, students can access Webex without needing a login, by simply clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button in the link that teachers send them. Webex provides teachers with communications to all your students anywhere, on any device. Find simple instructions for accessing Webex.

We are running introductory webinars for teachers over the next couple of weeks and beyond. Find out more and register.


ClickView not only provides Victorian Curriculum-aligned video content, it also has a wide range of interactive, offline and paper-based learning activities to support your students to learn from home. ClickView work with publishing partners such as Blake Educational to provided materials that provide a blended learning experience.

A range of professional learning resources are available to support you to teach remotely, such as free training webinars. ClickView have published a guide explaining how teachers can make the most of ClickView to ensure continuity of learning.

For schools who have not already facilitated individual logins for students, ClickView are available for support.


Stile Education has partnered with Cosmos Magazine and the CSIRO to create Stile - a library of online, interactive science lessons for Years 7-10, aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. Every unit of work is set in the context of real-world science discoveries and events, highlighting to students the relevance of what they are learning.

All lessons are completely customisable, allowing teachers to tailor content and questions to the needs of their school's curriculum or individual students. All lessons are multimodal, with content and questions delivered in a variety of ways including descriptions, diagrams, videos, simulations, drag and drop exercises, open-ended projects and more.

View the Stile Science News: Slowing the spread of COVID-19

Find support and quick tutorials for getting started with Stile. In this video, Jordan from Virtual School Victoria (VSV) shares his tips and tricks for teaching with technology.