Celebrating the Arts in Education Week

​​​Top ten tips for teachers to make the most of amazing activities, partnerships and more

​Now in its 74th year, Education Week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria's government education sector.

This year, Education Week (20 – 26 May) is all about 'Celebrating the arts' giving you the opportunity to showcase what your school is doing in music, dance, drama, visual arts, and media arts.

Top ten tips to make the most of Education Week

Here are 10 ideas to help you plan creative and inspiring activities to run with your students during Education Week!

  1. Open your doors to parents and the local community to show case class art projects community in a special 'Education Week' exhibition.
  2. Display student artwork in your reception and around the school such as paintings, pottery, photography, computer animation, underneath an 'Education Week' banner.
  3. Organise a dance, music or drama performance by students and teachers during recess or lunchtime.
  4. Have an outdoor arts class with classes from different year groups to encourage older students to interact with younger students and boost their leadership skills.
  5. Rally students and teachers together to create a school mural that celebrates arts education.
  6. Organise an "open mic" session for students and teachers to share their favourite poetry, or do a short talk on their favourite artist, or artistic hobby.
  7. Invite local artists, performers or dancers to the school to speak about how their passion for the arts led to a career.
  8. Organise an arts day, or session for students, to show parents, prospective families and members of the local community how to use different arts equipment and techniques in the classroom.
  9. Hold an arts competition asking students to submit their best work.
  10. Create an Education Week newsletter of stories, poems and art pieces submitted by students to take home to show their family and friends.

More opportunities to take part

Schools can register to take part in a full program of free arts-related activities for students during Education Week, offered by some of Victoria's leading arts organisations including the National Gallery of Victoria, Circus Oz and the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

For more activity ideas and information, see: Education Week 

Supporting the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes: Positive climate for learning and community engagement in learning

Education Week helps schools empower their students and build school pride as well as setting expectations and promoting inclusion across the year levels. The calendar of activities run by community organisations also helps schools build rich and engaging lessons. Because when schools strengthen relationships with families and community organisations, they can tap into the environment that has the greatest impact on students.

For more information about these FISO priorities, see: Positive climate for learning  and Community engagement in learning