'Big ideas' in number and authentic numeracy tasks

​​​Derrimut Primary School's focus on Professor Dianne Siemon's 'big ideas' in Number has helped them target individual learners and create engaging, practical lessons.​

Derrimut Primary School have made the development of their numeracy instruction a priority as they work together to reframe the perceptions of numeracy and maths in their school community. In this article, Assistant Principal Jen Briggs, and teachers Danielle Stasinowsky and Alex Berry, step through how they approach the curriculum to develop key focus points and practical, engaging lessons for students in their school.

The authentic tasks that they create across year levels make explicit for students the thinking and real-world application of their numeracy skills.

'People can be fearful of maths, and I feel that may be the biggest blocker to being numerate in the world, and the biggest blocker to our kids going out into careers that need mathematics,' Jen said.

'So when I see these little moments of kids being excited about maths, I feel like we're creating a generation to come of people who aren't fearful about maths anymore.'