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Please complete the short survey invitation by 13 May 2022

In 2021, the department began delivering Disability Inclusion, the new approach to supporting students with disability in our schools.

Along with the new tiered funding model and the Disability Inclusion Profile currently rolling out, the 5-year reform is about building the knowledge and skills of our workforce to support Disability Inclusion.

The department has a range of existing programs and supports to build capability in inclusive education, but we know there's more we can do.

That's why we want your feedback on what professional learning you need to better support students with disability and diverse learning needs.

Survey on professional learning for inclusive education

To help us provide the most valuable professional learning opportunities, please share your perspectives in this short Inclusive Education professional learning survey.

Participation is voluntary. The survey will close on Friday 13 May 2022 and takes about 7 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your input.

Current Disability Inclusion professional learning opportunities

To build your skills to support education inclusion, refer to the below professional development opportunities.

Inclusive Classrooms

The Inclusive Classrooms professional learning program offers a suite of courses for school staff.

The blended learning courses have been designed specifically for Victorian schools. They include practical teaching strategies, adjustments and supports at the school, classroom, and individual levels.

Applications for Term 2 courses are now open.

Apply for the Professional Learning Program courses by 5 pm Monday 18 April 2022.

Victorian Deaf Education Institute

The Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI) Professional Learning Program shares the latest in research and leading practice in deaf and inclusive education.

Statewide Vision Resource Centre

A variety of professional learning opportunities at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre are available for staff to develop their skills to support students with vision impairments.

AllPlay Learn

AllPlay Learn Online Professional Learning Courses provide practical strategies and resources to create inclusive education environments for students with developmental challenges and disabilities.

Disability Inclusion eLearning modules

Seven eLearning modules are available to support the Disability Inclusion reforms, including the Disability Inclusion Profile process. These are for wellbeing and inclusion coordinators and leaders, as well as school leaders.

A specific module is available to support business managers understand and support Disability Inclusion.

There is also a module on the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). This helps school staff understand the annual data collection including requirements.

How to access the modules

To access the eLearning modules, use LearnED on eduPay (login required). Search for Disability Inclusion and begin with module 1.

Find out more

For further enquiries, contact Jacqui Nicholson, Inclusive Classrooms Coordinator, Inclusive Education Professional Practice Branch: