Supporting gifted and talented students

​​A series of free expert seminars are now open to parents, early childhood professionals and teachers through the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children (VAGTC), providing high-quality professional development on identifying and supporting gifted and talented learners in kindergarten to Year 12​.

These regional seminars are funded by the Department and offer an invaluable interpersonal connection between facilitators and participants – especially for individuals who may find it challenging to access advice or current resources.​

What's new in 2018

In 2018 the VAGTC continues to support the aspirations, achievements, and opportunities of Victorian students by supporting the professional development of early childhood professionals and teachers, and connecting parents with their children's learning.

Through the seminars, educators will learn how to interpret educational psychologist reports, and develop individualised learning plans in working with families to support gifted children and young people's education.

Learning to identify and support gifted learners

The Gifted 101 seminar provides educators and parents with information on strategies and best practices for identifying and supporting gifted learners.

Advanced skills to support educators

A new seminar, Gifted 201, is being offered to those educators who have a basic understanding of identifying and supporting gifted learners.

The new seminar aims to provide information on understanding assessments and includes a session that focuses on practical approaches to working with gifted learners in the classroom. 

Hear from experts in gifted education

The VAGTC facilitators have extensive backgrounds in education across all sectors, with many holding post-graduate qualifications in gifted and talented education, and include:

  • Mariko Francis
  • Tamara Goodfellow
  • Kathy Harrison
  • Michele Linossier
  • Geraldine Nicholas
  • Dr. Anna Pollard
  • Mark Smith
  • Simone Zmood

Seminars for educators

Throughout the seminars, you will read through case studies and examples from decades-long experience working with advanced learners, and provide practical strategies based on theory and research – grounded in their own practice. The primary goal of the educator seminars is to provide early childhood professionals and teachers with resources and tools that can immediately be used in the classroom.

Seminar materials for educators are developed in-house and are researched and peer-reviewed before being made available.

The educator seminars are VIT-accredited and are relevant to all educators of kindergarten to Year 12 learners, including pre-service teachers, casual relief teachers, and early childhood professionals.

Educators receive a VAGTC Certificate of Attendance, citing the relevant standards addressed under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Seminars for parents

The parent seminars are developed with the same approach as the educator seminars with a focus on best practices for advocating and working alongside schools and teachers.

Using research-based recommendations, the parent seminars aim to connect parents with their children and their children's teachers, serving to not only strengthen community engagement but to also help build parental confidence in schools.

The seminars provide both a platform for parents to gain essential resources to support their parenting journeys and act as a forum in which individual parents can connect with other parents in similar situations to share their stories in a safe and supportive environment.

Key dates and registrations

The five seminars will take place at the following times and locations:

  • Wednesday 25 July
  • Wednesday 8 August
  • Monday 20 August
  • Wednesday 29 August
  • Tuesday​ 4 September

For more information on the seminars, and to register, see: Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children - Seminars

Supporting FISO Priorities: A positive climate for learning

Safe, supportive and inclusive schools celebrate and protect diversity and understanding of others, acknowledging the right of every child, no matter their background or ability, to achieve the best possible outcomes at school.

These seminars aim to set high standards for teachers and students and employ evidence-based strategies to support gifted and talented students. For more information about this priority, see:​ A positive climate for learning