Helping graduate teachers to connect

​Registration is now open for upcoming virtual, area-based graduate teacher conferences.  

Graduate teachers are an integral part of the teaching landscape in Victoria. Now more than ever, they are finding ways to connect digitally to collaborate, build networks and share classroom ideas.

To help first- and second-year graduate teachers connect with their peers, the department is delivering virtual Graduate Teacher Conferences from late July to September this year.

Last year, Ruby Aust from Cranbourne East Secondary College heard about the conferences from a colleague and decided to sign up. She said the experience proved valuable.

'I enjoyed meeting and connecting with other graduates,' Ruby said.

'My favourite part was when we split up into groups and each discussed an issue we were facing within our classes. We then discussed ways to overcome these issues and the approaches we would take. This was really helpful.'

'I would recommend the conferences as they provide a chance to connect with and learn from other graduate teachers and hear their experiences.'

Graduate Teacher Conferences

To support graduate teachers build their capacity as teachers and foster professional networks, all first- and second-year graduate teachers are invited to attend an area-based conference, which are being held virtually this year.

Held from late July to September, the free Graduate Teacher Conferences (GTC) offer graduate teachers an opportunity to:

  • build professional practice and resilience as professional educators
  • form strong professional identities
  • become active members of professional communities.

This year, each school area will have two GTCs — one for first year graduates and one for second year graduates. 

Registration details

Registration is now open, with graduate teachers encouraged to attend the conference assigned to their school's local area.

Register through the Graduate Teacher Conferences web page, selecting either a first or second year conference and a region.

Find out more

For further enquires, contact Ozge Kaman, Policy/Project Officer, Teacher Professional Practice:

  • phone: 03 7022 1221