Call out for stories

Share stories of collaborating with families to help support students

The Department is inviting all school staff to share their stories of how they've worked with their school community to support students in their achievements, engagement and wellbeing needs.

The stories will be shared with school communities and on Department social media channels to highlight the important role school staff and parents and carers play in supporting students to achieve their goals in social, academic, behavioural and co-curricular areas, through collaboration and the building of strong relationships.

Creating a safe and supportive environment

Victorian schools are overwhelmingly positive and safe places for teaching and learning, with everyone in the school community playing a role to create a better environment for students to thrive.

It is critical to the development of these environments that parents, carers and school staff work together cohesively and respectfully, ensuring the best learning and wellbeing outcomes for students.

Sharing stories helps raise awareness among school communities of the incredibly valuable role strong collaboration between parents and carers and school staff plays in supporting students to achieve their goals.

The stories could focus on the different ways that parents and carers and teachers might collaborate, plan or support a student to help reach their goals, which could be:

  • overcoming a fear
  • increasing self-esteem
  • realising their potential with a new interest or skill
  • becoming more engaged in their learning, or
  • any other outcome that positively benefits the student's learning, wellbeing or development.

How to submit a story

School staff wishing to share their stories are asked to provide a short overview of the story (approximately 200 words), and email it to the Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing Division:

When submitting a story, staff should include their contact details (phone or email) in case further information is required.

Alternatively, schools can collectively submit stories using the same process above.

The Department will contact the staff member and school prior to sharing any stories publicly.

The submission of stories closes on 23 July.

Find out more

For further enquires, contact the Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing Division by email: