Restraint and seclusion: introduction

​​This guidance is to assist Victorian government schools to reduce and eliminate restraint and seclusion of students. It provides information and advice to help staff to:

  • prevent the occurrence of behaviours of concern
  • use effective, ethical and evidence-based responses where a student may be at risk of restraint or seclusion.

These guidelines are being revised following feedback from stakeholders.

Reduction and elimination of restraint and seclusion

There are 15 principles to guide the reduction and elimination of restraint and seclusion in Victorian government schools.

For the web version, see Fifteen principles.

Policy guidance, procedures and resources

The following guidance, procedures and resources apply to all students in Victorian government schools and prohibit certain types of restraint and seclusion actions. They include:

  1. Fifteen Principles
  2. Working with parents, carers and others
  3. Definitions
  4. Key points
  5. Legal obligations
  6. Prevention and early intervention
  7. De-escalation
  8. Incident intervention
  9. Response and recovery
  10. Professional development

Department policy and laws underpin the Guidance, Procedures and Resources. For more information, see: