Navigator case management program

​​The Navigator program works to support disengaged young people to return to education and learning.

Navigator works with young people, their families and support networks to address issues underlying disengagement and help them re-engage with their education. 

It is delivered by community agencies, who work closely with local schools and school area teams. From 2019, services will be available across 11 Department areas, each tailored to its local community.


Eligibility criteria

Navigator is available to young people who:

  • are aged between 12 and 17 years of age
  • have attended less than 30% of the previous school term (if enrolled in a school)
  • either live in or have most recently been enrolled in an education setting in a Navigator area.

See Navigator areas for Vic Schools (xlsx - 94.8kb)

If a young person does not meet the eligibility criteria for Navigator or there is currently no Navigator service provided in their area, please contact your local Department office to discuss alternative forms of support.​


If you know of a young person who meets the eligibility criteria and would benefit from the Navigator Program please contact your local Department Navigator coordinator using the details below:

Western Melbourne

Location: Footscray
Navigator coordinator: Kerryn Williams
Phone number: (03) 7005 1830 M: 0436 802 442

Central Highlands

Location: Ballarat
Navigator coordinator: Iestyn Opie​
Phone number: (03) 4334 0588

Bayside Peninsula

Location: Frankston
Navigator coordinator: Judi Stanton
Phone number: (03) 8765 5600

Southern Melbourne

Location: Dandenong
Navigator coordinator: Louise Palalagi
Phone number: (03) 8765 5645


Location: Shepparton
Navigator coordinator: Dave Bennett
Phone number: (03) 8392 9500

Ovens Murray

Location: Benalla
Navigator coordinator: Colleen Drury
Phone number: (03) 8392 9605


Hume Moreland

Location: Coburg
Navigator coordinator: Frances Lyngcoln
Phone number: (03) 9084 9095

Location: Coburg
Navigator coordinator: Emma Couper
Phone number: (03) 7022 2446


Location: Mildura
Navigator coordinator: Jacinta Allen
Phone number: (03) 5051 1333

Brimbank Melton 

Location: Keilor
Navigator coordinator:Vanessa Griffin
Phone number: (03) 7022 0551

Loddon Campaspe

Location: Bendigo
Navigator coordinator: Younes Benhim
Phone number: (03) 5440 3313

Inner Gippsland 

Location: Moe
Navigator coordinator: Rhiannon Edwards
Phone number: (03) 5127 0456

Referrers can also use the Navigator online referral form which will be sent to the relevant Navigator area for assessment of eligibility.

In accordance with Departmental policy, referrals for young people eligible to participate in for support from the Navigator program will be passed directly from the Navigator Coordinator to the provider. Parent/carer consent is not required for this process to take place. The provider will then undertake assertive outreach with the young person and their family. Participation in the Navigator program is voluntary.

For more on privacy at DET please refer to the Schools’ Privacy Policy.


Navigator currently operates in the following areas:

  • Mallee
  • Central Highlands
  • Western Melbourne
  • Hume Moreland
  • Goulburn
  • Ovens Murray
  • Southern Melbourne
  • Bayside Peninsula.

In 2019 as part of the phased rollout, the Navigator program will be available in the following areas:

  • Brimbank Melton
  • Loddon Campaspe
  • Inner Gippsland.

The following map shows where Navigator is currently being provided and the rollout areas in 2019. Select the map for a larger version.

Navigator map  


The following organisations are delivering Navigator services in the pilot areas:

Southern Melbourne

Lead provider: South East Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN)
Partner providers: Taskforce Community Agency, South East Community Links, Centre for Multicultural Youth

Bayside Peninsula

Lead provider: Mission Australia
Partner providers: McClelland College, Westernport Secondary College, Frankston Mornington LLEN, School Focused Youth Mornington

Central Highlands

Lead provider: Berry Street
Partner providers: Uniting VICTAS, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative

Ovens Murray

Lead provider: Junction Support Services


Lead provider: The Bridge Youth Services
Partner providers: Berry Street Hume Region

Western Melbourne

Lead provider: Anglicare Victoria
Partner providers: The Brotherhood of St Laurence

Hume Moreland

Lead provider: Jesuit Social Services


Lead provider: Northern Mallee Local Learning and Employment Network
Partner providers: Murray Malley LLEN, Mildura Rural City Council

Brimbank Melton (from January 2019)

Lead provider: Jesuit Social Services
Partner providers: Centre for Multicultural Youth

Loddon Campaspe (from January 2019)

Lead provider: Anglicare Victoria
Partner providers: Campaspe Cohuna LLEN, Goldfields LLEN, North Central LLEN

Inner Gippsland (from January 2019)

Lead provider: Berry Street
Partner providers: Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Association, Save the Children

More information

For general enquiries about Navigator, please email

For referrals, contact your local office.