Years 4-11 scholarships

Years 4 to 11 scholarships are offered to primary and secondary school students. If a student is in Year 6 in the current year, then they would apply for a Year 6 scholarship.

The Department offers approximately 20 Years 4-11 scholarships involving up to 200 scholarship awards. Some scholarships have different eligibility requirements but the majority include demonstration of financial need. In most cases they will also ask about your school and community activities as well as your academic results.

It is important that you address all criteria as best as you can otherwise your application may not be considered. Your Principal will also need to verify your application online.

While teachers may assist students with their applications, they must not complete or submit applications without the consent of the student/parent.

It is important that you look at all the scholarships and determine which one or more you may be eligible for. You should apply for all scholarships you are eligible for.

Scholarships available for each year level

Online applications for the Years 4-11 scholarships open on 12 November 2018 and close 1 February 2019. To view the list of scholarships available to each year level, see:

Application guidelines

Before applying for any scholarships, it is important that you carefully read:

This guide contains valuable information on what to do and how to ensure you submit a strong application that meets the criteria.

Before applying you will also need to register a user name and password to access the site.