Transporting Students

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Schools need to provide parents with clear advice about the student transport options that are available to, and from, the school; including the nearest bus, tram or train lines and routes.

The Department subsidises student travel on the metropolitan public transport network through arrangements with the Department of Transport to provide concessions on fares. Schools should assist students in their application for a concession card so they can access these fares.

For students residing in rural/regional Victoria and those attending specialist schools the department provides the following types of transport assistance:

  • conveyance allowance, financial assistance (public and private transport)
  • access to the rural and regional school bus network or to a specialist school bus.

Eligibility for each type of assistance differs.  Generally students are required attend their closest school and to reside greater than 4.8km from this school site and specialist schools each have a designated transport area where students must reside.

When organising student transport during school hours, schools must meet Department policy requirements on school owned and hired vehicles and the use of private cars.

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