Student Collection

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools have procedures in place for the safe collection of students from school, both during and after normal school hours.


Principals must ensure parents/guardians are:

  • aware of the procedures to collect students during school hours
  • advised of the school’s supervision times after school while students wait to be collected.

Note: Parents are responsible for the collection of students from school or a school activity.

Arranging for student collection

During school hours

This table describes how schools should manage a request for a student to be collected from school during school hours, particularly primary students.

Who Description


Collect their child from school or authorise a relative or friend to collect their child.


Must only allow students to be collected by their parents (subject to any specific court orders) or by a person who has been authorised by the parents to pick up their child.


If the authorised person collecting the student is not known to the school, verification of identity using suitable photo identification (such as a driver’s licence) must be sighted by school personnel.


Schools must record the details of when a student has been collected early from school including the:

  • date and time
  • reason for the collection
  • person who received the child (including this person’s signature).

Note: Where a student is considered to be sufficiently mature (i.e. secondary students) to leave the school grounds independently they are able to do so with a valid reason and the knowledge and consent of their parents.

A sample Student Early Collection Form is provided below.  Principals should ensure the school collection form incorporates all elements of the sample.

School Name

Student Name:                                                                Grade/Year Level:


Reason for Early Collection:





I am a parent / authorised adult to take this child early from the school

Name:                                                      Signature:

Date:                                                        Time:

Office Use:

Photo Identification Sighted:                                YES / NO


Student Collection Confirmed with Parent:            YES / NO


This form should be retained in line with the General Retention and Disposal Authority for School Records – Section 3.4.1(b) Parents Approval for Student Attendance.

After school hours

This table describes how schools should manage a student who is normally collected from school but is still at school beyond normal collection time, particularly primary students.

Stage Who Description



Attempt to contact:

  • the parents
  • the emergency contact person identified in the school records
  • other known contacts.



Consider contacting the police or Department of Human Services to arrange care and protection if:

  • all reasonable attempts to locate the appropriate responsible adults, as per Stage 1 above,  fail
  • it is well beyond reasonable collection time.



Leave details of the student’s whereabouts with the school office.



If possible, leave details of the student’s whereabouts with friends of the student or next door neighbours.

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  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006