Student Preparation and Behaviour

Purpose of this policy

To ensure that students are adequately prepared for excursions.

Prerequisite policy


Schools must ensure that:

  • students are adequately prepared for excursions
  • the disciplinary measures for students on excursions are appropriate and consistent with the Student Engagement and Inclusion Guidance and the school’s student engagement policy.

See:  Department resources

Student preparation

In preparation for excursions, schools should advise:

  • students of:
    • the organisational arrangements
    • relevant safety arrangements or emergency procedures
  • students and parents or carers:
    • of expected standards of behaviour
    • that in extreme cases students may be sent home from an excursion at the cost of the parents.

For excursions requiring school council approval see: Excursion support - student preparation within Department resources

Returning a student home

In extreme cases the excursion staff, following consultation with and the approval of the school principal, may decide to return a student to their home from an excursion. Excursion staff should:

  • advise the student’s parent or carer of the:
    • circumstance associated with the decision to send the student home
    • time when the parent or carer may collect their child from the excursion or the anticipated time that the student will arrive home.
  • consider the age and maturity of the student when making travelling arrangements.

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