Students Using Mobile Phones

Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools provide clear policy advice on the use of mobile phones.


Schools that allow the use of mobile phones must clearly and regularly advise students and parents/guardians of their expectations and policy requirements, including use during school excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities.

Mobile phone cameras (still and video) must not be used:

  • in banned spaces for example changing rooms, toilets, gyms and swimming pools
  • to film people and their activities without their knowledge or permission.

Mobiles phones must not be used to send harassing or threatening messages.

Policy template for schools

A downloadable policy template for Victorian government schools is available on the Department's intranet at: Mobile Devices Schools can modify the template to suit their local circumstances.


Schools can:

  • develop policies about what students can and cannot bring to school
  • ban anything illegal, dangerous or likely to cause disruption or harm to the smooth running of the school.

This table further describes what action should be taken about mobile phone use.




  • only use mobile phones when usage will not disrupt the normal school routine
  • have their mobile phones switched off and out of sight during classes
  • only use their mobile phones before or after school, or during recess and lunch breaks
  • display courtesy, consideration and respect for others when using a mobile phone
  • ensure that their phones are always stored in a safe and secure place.

Note: Students can have access to a mobile phone where there is a need to contact parents/guardians in an emergency.



  • discourage the use of mobile phones in the classroom unless they can be appropriately incorporated into the learning program
  • inform students and parents that mobile phones are used at their owners’ risk
  • take appropriate action against any student who:
    - photographs or films other individuals without their consent or who sends harassing or threatening messages
    - is/are caught using a mobile phone in exams or assessments.

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