Student Medical Information

Purpose of this policy

To ensure that staff have up-to-date medical information about students participating in excursions.  

Prerequisite policy


A confidential medical information form:

  • must be completed by parents or carers before each excursion with an overnight component (including camps, interstate, overseas) travel via water, or air, or for adventure activities.
  • provides parents or carers with the opportunity to vary any information previously given to the school.

Schools must:

  • ensure that the teacher-in-charge takes the medical information forms on the excursion
  • ensure these forms are available to other excursion staff in emergency situations
  • keep copies of the forms at the school.

Note: Students should not be denied attendance at any excursion because a parent/guardian refuses permission for a blood transfusion.

Information: Transfusions or other courses of medical treatment are matters for legally qualified medical practitioners. Teachers cannot be held liable for medical treatment given against the wishes of a parent or carer.

Recommended confidential medical information form

Schools should use the recommended confidential medical information form see:  Department resources

Schools may require additional medical information depending on the nature of the activities undertaken.

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