Purpose of this policy

To ensure excursions are planned and approved appropriately


Principals must ensure that excursions are approved in accordance with Departmental requirements.

Who approves the excursion

This table explains the approvals required before an excursion can occur.

Excursion type Then it must be approved by
  • overnight excursions
  • camps
  • interstate and international visits
  • excursions requiring sea or air travel
  • excursions involving weekends or vacations
  • adventure activities.
  • the school council, or
  • both school councils when it is a joint activity involving another school


  • the Safety Guidelines for Education Outdoors must be followed.
  • day excursions (other than those referred to above that must be approved by the school council).
  • the principal, or
  • both principals when it is a joint activity involving another school.

Note: the principal approves cancellations or alterations to excursion arrangements.

Joint-school activities

The nominated co-ordinating principal or teacher ensures:

  • planning and approval requirements are met
  • parents or carers are informed that their children may be supervised by teachers and other approved adults from the other school.

Note: All schools involved in a joint excursion must complete an online notification of school activity form.

Required approvals for staff

The Regional Director is responsible for approving all interstate and overseas travel for Department employed staff (including principals), where those staff are accompanying students on excursions.

Important: a School Travel Application Form must be submitted online to the relevant travel approver, see the eduGate School Staff Travel Applications site. For the Department's Travel Policy, see: Travel for Staff 

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