Transition Year 6 to 7

Latest advice - Information regarding COVID-19
Please note that due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), adjustments to the statewide timeline have been made. These changes provide schools with more flexibility to distribute the Parent/Carer Pack while also providing parents and carers with an increased timeframe in which to return the Application Form.

Due to government schools commencing remote and flexible learning arrangments, primary schools may be unable to distribute the 2020 Parent/Carer Transition Information Pack to Year 6 families from the start of Term 2. The Parent/Carer Pack contains the Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 form (the Application form).

To ensure that no Year 6 family is disadvantaged by this situation, all government primary schools must ensure that all families can access this key document. If a family does not have a device and/or internet access, the school should discuss alternative methods of delivery with parents/carers, including sending the Parent/Carer Pack to their postal address via Australia Post.

Primary school staff must make arrangements with their Year 6 families regarding how they should return the Application form to the primary school (e.g. by email, post or by other means) by the revised due date of Friday 29 May 2020.

If a parent/carer chooses to return the Application form via email, but is unable to sign the form, the family should clearly indicate in their return email that they authorize the Application form without a signature. This authorization email should be attached to the Application form and forwarded to the preferred secondary school, or schools.

If a family does not have a device and/or internet access, the primary school should arrange an alternative return method with parents/carers, including providing families with pre-paid postage to return their Application form.

More support is available from your relevant Regional Office.

To ensure all Year 6 students are placed in a secondary school for Year 7, primary and secondary schools must:

Note: in previous years separate information packs were developed for each Region. This is not the case for the 2020-2021 transition process. All schools must use the information pack above.

The principles of the Department’s Placement Policy are to be applied to the transition of students to Year 7.

Information for parents and carers is available on the Department's website at moving from primary school to secondary school, including the transition packs for parents.

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on hosting year 7 information nights for prospective students

Due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), non-essential indoor gatherings are currently not permitted.

The Department understands that there is still an expectation from prospective families that they have an opportunity to ask the relevant school's leadership team questions and find out more about a secondary school's Year 7 curriculum and campus facilities.

To respond to these requests, an information sheet has been developed to provide schools with suggested actions to disseminate information to their community in a contactless format, see: Advice on Year 7 Info nights for prospective students

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