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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools only detain students as part of a staged approach, in accordance with the Department's Student Engagement Policy Guidelines.


Principals must:

  • consider local circumstances when determining what a reasonable time and place for detention entails
  • ensure any special conditions relating to the imposition of detention are specified in the school's Student Engagement Policy.


Schools must ensure that:

  • no more than half the time allocated for any recess is used for detention
  • students undertake detention at a reasonable time and place
  • where students are detained after school to complete school work, or to undertake additional or new work or duties:
    • parents are informed at least the day before the detention
    • the time of detention should not exceed forty-five minutes
    • alternative measures are negotiated with parents whose family circumstances are such that the students completion of after-school work would create undue hardship (e.g. where students regularly supervise younger siblings in the absence of parents, or where limited travel alternatives for students are available).

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Related legislation

  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006