WorkSafe Notification

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools contact WorkSafe Victoria of notifiable incidents.


Schools must notify WorkSafe Victoria of incidents occurring at the school resulting in:

  • the death of a person
  • medical treatment within 48 hours of exposure to a substance
  • immediate treatment as an in-patient in a hospital (note: there is no requirement to notify WorkSafe under this provision where no treatment was provided. For example, medical diagnosis provided only)
  • immediate medical treatment for:
    • the separation of skin from underlying tissue
    • the amputation of any part of the body
    • a serious head injury or eye injury
    • the loss of a bodily function
    • serious lacerations
    • an electric shock
    • a spinal injury
  • collapse, overturning, failure, malfunction of or damage to plant that is required to be licensed or registered
  • collapse or failure of an excavation or supporting shoring
  • collapse or partial collapse of a building or structure
  • an implosion, explosion or fire
  • escape, spillage or leakage of any substance
  • the fall or release from a height from any plant, substance or object.

Note:  The same obligations to notify of incidents and dangerous occurrences apply under the Equipment (Public Safety) (Incident Notification) Regulations 2007 such as amusement structures used by volunteers at a school fete or fair.

eduSafe logging requirement

Schools must log the incident in eduSafe, the Department’s hazard, incident and injury reporting system that covers all non-student incidents.

Notification procedure

WorkSafe must be notified immediately after the incident. Phone 132 360 to obtain a reference number.

Within 48 hours after notification, the incident Notification Form is to be completed in hardcopy. The Notification Form can be faxed to WorkSafe Victoria on (03) 9641 1091.

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