Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools use approved media agencies to purchase advertising.


Schools must plan and book advertising through the media agencies appointed under Master Agency Media Services (MAMS).

Advertising types

This table describes the types of advertising.




Normally part of an overarching communication or marketing strategy, using multiple channels or mediums, with one central creative idea across across the campaign.

Generally serves to raise awareness of an issue, program or initiative; build a brand; shape attitudes or drive behaviour change.

    Visit CommsNET for advice and tips on planning a campaign.


Simple and informative, generally for immediate or short-term, appearing as one ad in newspapers or online. Requires minimal creative input and strategic planning. Can include notices about school events such as open days, school fetes or plays.


To recruit staff or fill a vacant position such as a principal, teacher or non-teacher position.

Advertising considerations

  • What type of advertising is it? This will help you decide which agency to approach and how much strategic planning and creative development is needed.
  • What is the purpose of the advertising or what do you want to achieve? 
  • Who is your audience?  Can you segment them by region, income, demographics etc.? 
  • What is your advertising budget? 
  • Do you have any particular channels or mediums that you want to use? i.e. local paper or local radio?
  • When do you want your advertising to run (date, time and duration)?
  • What other channels will you be using to get the messages out? Advertising works best in conjunction with other channels, such as the school’s newsletter, information sessions, and word-of-mouth.
  • How will you know you were successful?


To book advertising, contact the relevant media agency.

Advertising Type


  • Campaign

Mitchell & Partners
105 York Street
South Melbourne
Group Account Manager
Phone: 9693 5544

  • Functional
  • Recruitment

Zenith Optimedia
Level 6, 28 Freshwater Place
Southbank 3006
Group Account Manager
Phone: 9685 3145

Department resources

CommsNET - for communications advice, guidelines, processes and templates

Other resources

Communication Planning and Master Agency Media Services - Department of Premier and Cabinet