Technical Support to Schools Program (TSSP)

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools are provided with approved technicians.


The Technical Support for Schools Program (TSSP) provides each school with two types of technical support.  The first is through the provision of a Specialist Technician, managed by the department, the second is via a funding allocation that is provided through the Student Resource Package. Both types are allocated based on student enrolment.

Schools must monitor timesheets of specialist technicians against the completed work. These timesheets can be accessed by principals, acting principals and the school EduMail account.

See: Timesheets

Types of technical support

Specialist technical

A technician is provided by the department for a number of hours based on a fortnightly visitation schedule. Support is provided to design, build and maintain the ICT in schools. The following are the supported areas within the school environment in order of priority:

  • approved Department directives, initiatives and programmes (i.e. CASES Hardware, Notebook for Teachers and Principals Program, Wireless)
  • servicing school curriculum networks
  • maintaining documentation
  • training.

Specialist Technicians are also required assist Service Delivery Managers when required.

Routine and operational

Schools can hire technicians to maintain computers, printers and software, deliver professional development sessions or design and build local computer networks. The TSSP provides grants to all schools through the SRP to assist with some of the costs associated with hiring routine and operational support. The funding amount can be obtained by emailing a request to  

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