Hiring, Licensing and Shared Use of School Facilities

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools comply with the Department’s policies and legal agreements for hiring, licensing and shared use of school facilities.


School Councils are authorised to hire and licence school facilities where these are not required for ordinary school purposes and are to be used for recreational, sporting or cultural activities. Schools can join with local government, community and business organisations in combining their resources to share facilities.

The Minister’s approval is required for all licence agreements which are established for purposes other than recreational, sporting or cultural. A licence agreement does not grant exclusive use to the licensee. Revenue from licences is directed to the school concerned.

School Councils are not authorised to independently enter into lease agreements to augment their own school sites or facilities. A lease provides exclusive use for the holder of the lease. Ministerial approval is required for a grant of leasehold to construct a childcare facility on a school site.

School Councils must use the department's agreement templates for hire, licensing, and community joint use agreements with third parties.


This table provides definitions of the standard agreement types schools may use.

Agreement Type Descriptions

Is used when the community uses a facility on a one-off basis, such as a youth group hiring a school hall for its annual presentation night.

Licence Is used when the community uses a school facility on a regular basis such as a:
  • local drama group hiring out the school performing arts centre every Wednesday evening; or
  • local football club hiring the school oval for the season.
Community Joint Use

Is a more detailed agreement which applies when a school and/or a third party contribute to the construction of a new building or upgrade of an existing facility; such as:

  • the construction of a new sports stadium at a school, funded by both the school and local council, to be used by the school and local community sporting groups.

Schools wanting to enter into this agreement must complete a community joint use proposal.

Polling places

The Australian Electoral Commission and the Victorian Electoral Commission are empowered to use schools as polling places during an election. If there is a conflict of demand with respect to the use of school premises on election day, the facilities must be made available for use as a polling place.

The Department's Polling Place Licence should be used for arrangements with the Australian Electoral Commission, see: Legal Services, Electoral & Polling Usage

For State elections, there is no Polling Place Licence for schools to complete.

Related legislation

  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006

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  • School Infrastructure Online Portal - Manage (staff access only) - to access template agreements as well as the following documents:
    • School as Community Facilities: Policy Framework and Guidelines
    • Shared Facility Partnerships: A Guide to Good Governance for Schools and the Community