Teacher and Principal Notebook Program

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While participation in the Teacher and Principal Notebook Program is optional, teachers and principals must meet the Department's eligibility requirements to participate. 

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to participate in the program, teachers and principals must be:

  • working in a Victorian government school
  • registered on the Department's central payroll (eduPay) at a time fraction greater than or equal to 0.4 full time equivalent (FTE)
  • employed under an eligible job code
  • teaching in a Victorian government secondary school and teaching an approved VCE subject to be eligible for a VCE Apple notebook

Provisioning options

There are two provisioning options – Program-provisioned notebooks and School-provisioned notebooks. Provisioning options are selected on a whole-of-school basis, and the provision selected applies to all eligible participants at the school for all future provisioning tranches.

Program-provisioned notebookSchool-provisioned notebook
Standard provision Windows notebooksAlternate Provision (Apple allowance)*
VCE Apple notebooks*Alternate Provision (enhanced Windows allowance)*

* Subject to meeting qualifying conditions, including minimum criteria, assessment and approval by the Department.

Program-provisioned notebooks are owned by the Department and allocated to a school based on eligibility criteria. The school is the custodian of Program-provisioned notebooks.

Notebooks, which are acquired by schools choosing Alternate provision allowances, are owned by the school and as such are referred to as School-provisioned notebooks.

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Teacher and Principal Notebook Program

Teachers and Principals Notebook Program Policy - includes detailed information on:

  • provisioning and collections calendar
  • eligibility criteria
  • program terms and conditions
  • fleet management and care guidelines for notebooks
  • nominations
  • allowances and reimbursements
  • collections
  • quick reference guides
  • contact lists