School Building - Minor Capital Works

Purpose of this policy

To outline the Department’s business rules and processes for minor capital works.


Minor capital works are projects costing less than $100,000 and include works such as:

  • school building modifications
  • toilet replacement
  • service upgrades
  • car parking
  • smaller new construction projects.

Note:  Project value is calculated on the estimated total project cost (including GST).

School councils:

  • have delegated authority to enter into contracts and carry out building works or improvements for projects less than $50,000 (subject to the availability of funds and compliance with Departmental policies and legislative requirements)
  • must seek approval for projects over $50,000 from the Ministerially delegated officer within the Infrastructure Division and must not carry out any work until this approval is received
  • must comply with government requirements for probity in tendering and contracting.

Note:  Procedures for managing work over $50,000 will be provided when approval is granted.

Tender/s required

This table outlines the tender/s required for minor capital work projects at various costs.

Type of worksEstimated costNumber of tender/s required

Building and construction

  • $25,000 or less


  • Between $25,000 - $200,000
  • At least one written tender


  • At least three written tenders

Consultancy services

  • $25,000 or less


  • Between $25,000 - $150,000
  • At least one written proposal


  • At least three written tenders

School principals should refer to Ministerial Direction No.1 for procedures to be applied for building and construction works or consultancy services estimated to cost in excess of the above amounts see Department resources, below.

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