School Maintenance

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Purpose of this policy

To outline a principal’s responsibilities for maintaining school infrastructure.


Principals are accountable for maintaining all school facilities and must:

  • arrange annual building/site inspections
  • maintain buildings (internally and externally) so that they meet occupational health and safety requirements
  • deal with urgent repairs
  • maintain all essential services
  • manage the school’s maintenance requirements within an annually defined budget.


Maintenance funding is provided through a school’s Student Resource Package. This funding is for both planned and unplanned (or urgent) maintenance works.

In addition to the Student Resource Package, supplementary funding may also be granted to schools experiencing maintenance issues which exceed their available resources.

Contract cleaning

The Department:

  • introduced a new area-based cleaning model for Melbourne metropolitan schools in July 2018.  The contracted providers meet the industry cleaning standards and frequencies based on the schools Cleaning Services Plan, see: Cleaning metropolitan Melbourne schools
  • continues to maintain a Contract Cleaners Panel for cleaning services in regional schools which comprises of approved cleaning contractors with skills and expertise appropriate to Victorian government schools, see: Cleaning regional schools

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