Computer Networks

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure school computer networks comply with Department requirements.


School computer network must:

  • comply with the eduSTAR framework in the ICT Design Models for School which covers networking standards, configuration and testing and certification requirements
  • have its cabling installed by a registered cabler.

eduSTAR framework

eduSTAR is a framework:

  • for information and communication technology (ICT) for schools to:
    • realise eLearning strategies
    • collaborate with the education community
    • receive support for operations
  • covering the end-to-end process of implementing ICT, providing:
    • strategy and planning
    • technology including infrastructure, access devices, peripherals and innovation
    • services to schools
    • support to schools
    • projects to implement and enhance eduSTAR.

See: eduStar General Information

eduSTAR components

The eduSTAR components include:

  • Central Services and ISP with details of the Department’s services including:
    • Single Internet Service Provider (eduSTAR.ISP)
    • shared services such as EduMail and EduGate.
  • ICT Architecture, Planning and Progression with the ICT planning process that compliments eLearning planning and delivers technology to achieve these eLearning goals as well as the annual audit of school infrastructure and planning document templates.
  • ICT Devices and Software with details on the content and deployment of the eduSTAR image (Windows 7 and 64 educational applications with Mac equivalent)
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity with design models, standards, policy and recommendations for the implementation of ICT infrastructure including cabling layout, wireless, servers or peripherals.  This section is particularly useful for capital works projects.
  • Webcasts and Training providing access for technicians to online training content.  Staff online training content is accessed via the Department’s online training site.

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