Community Gardens

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Purpose of policy

To ensure that schools follow the appropriate policies for the short-term licencing of school land to community groups for the purpose of a community garden.

Prerequisite policy


The Department is aware that some schools offer unused parcels of school land to local community groups for use as a community garden.


School Councils may licence unused parcels of school land to local community groups for use as a community garden provided that parties agree to the Department’s community gardens licence agreement and comply with Department guidelines. 


The Department’s licence agreement includes a provision to allow for the erection of small facilities (e.g. a shed and fencing) subject to the community group obtaining any relevant planning permit.

If a school is undertaking any community garden building works, the school should also follow the advice in School Building - Minor Capital Works, see: Related policies below. If major works are being proposed, a school should follow the advice in the Building Program site, see: Department resources below.

Schools should consider:

  • issues such as damage restoration and utilities payments, if applicable.
  • proximity of gardens to neighbouring dwellings, consulting with neighbours, where appropriate.

Schools should notify the Department prior to licencing any land to ensure that the land is not required for future buildings, including relocatables.

Schools with a small site area should consider carefully whether the use of their site for community gardens is viable.

Related policies

Department resources

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  • Senior Project Officer, Property Management, Infrastructure and Sustainability Division
  • Regional Provision and Planning Officer