School Closure and Sale of School Sites

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To inform schools about the school closure and asset disposals process.


The Minister approves the disposal of an educational site.

School Councils may make a recommendation to the Minister that a school closes. This recommendation should include evidence of extensive community consultation, consultation with the relevant Regional Director and the formal endorsement of the School Council.

When a school is closed, management and responsibility for the vacant site rests with the Infrastructure Division, including all maintenance and security costs. The site will be managed and maintained until such time as it is sold. It is Department policy to demolish facilities on the site and work with local councils to rezone the site for disposal in order to maximise the return to the taxpayer.

Regional Directors may make a recommendation to the Department to retain the site for an agreed period of time, as a surplus site which may be used for future educational use. Regions approved to retain surplus sites are required to manage and maintain these sites to the required standard for the agreed period of time.

All sites and buildings are disposed of in accordance with the Policy and Instructions for the Purchase, Compulsory Acquisition and Sale of Land Guidelines issued by the Government Land Monitor see:  Department resources

Disposal processes for school sites may include:

  • rezoning
  • valuation
  • building demolition
  • preparation for sale, including first right of refusal to other government agencies.

If surplus properties are not sold to other government departments or local council, they are put to auction or public tender in the open market.

Funds from the disposal of former school sites are returned to the Department’s infrastructure program and reinvested in other educational facilities, including the acquisition of new school sites.

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